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Benefits of Black Garlic and Domestic Black Garlic Machine Recommendation


Black garlic is high natural content fermented black garlic. You can put it to almost any dish you can think of: soups, salads, vegetables, rice, and even toasts. It is sweet with a fermentation flavor. You can’t even taste the spiciness or bitterness of garlic.

Black garlic is high in antioxidants. Herbalists around the world know the benefits of black garlic and use it as natural medicine. It is often called fermented garlic but microbial infusion is not part of the process. Black garlic is made and not nature’s creation, but it can’t make by a simple small food processor because it needs a long process before achieving its perfect taste. The fermentation process will make the fresh garlic taste similar to that of the syrup.

A lot of people want to create the perfect black garlic and some are available in the supermarket. There are two ways of making black garlic.



What is the Best Type Black Garlic Fermentation Machine

Romiter Machinery Provide advanced design black garlic fermentation machine for black garlic manufacture. Fermented black garlic is the final result that comes from fresh garlic. It might be easier but the machine we use specifically for the black garlic fermenter is not just available in the hardware.

Domestic Black Garlic Ferment Making Machine


Advanced Commerical Use Black Garlic Fermentation Machine



How to Choose the Best Black Garlic Fermenter?

The most important factor you need to consider is Capacity. The capacity of the black garlic making machine varies from one machine to another like domestic type machine which is only 5L and industrial type machine can reach 10ton per batch.

What Kind of Garlic to Use?

It can be red, white or other kinds as long as the head of the garlic is round. The cloves should not be rotten and the entire head of the garlic is still intact. Wash and clean garlic with fresh clean water. After washing, store the washed garlic in a cool dry place for 6 hours or more until the garlic is dry.

REMEMBER: The garlic should be clean and dry before the fermentation process, if not repeat the process.

If you are going to use a fermenting box, set the temperature to 122-140 degrees Fahrenheit then set the humidity for 60-80 % for 10 hrs. After 10 hrs. set the humidity to 90% for another 30 hrs. After 30 hrs, set the humidity of the fermented box to 180 Fahrenheit to a humidity of 90% for 200 hrs. by that, black garlic is complete.

Uses of Black Garlic

There are many ways to use black garlic and the most popular way to eat black garlic is simply as a snack and there are also many more inventive ways to put it to good use. Here we’ve discussed some of the most common uses of black garlic.

Eat directly as a pill after peeled cloves of aged black garlic. If you’re not eating black garlic, you’re missing a boost of essential immunity, and one that’s also very tasty.

Black garlic juice or drink is another way to use it. You can take some black garlic cloves and water to blend it using a blender. Due to its garlicky flavor, it is not very tasty to drink.

Use garlic cloves as roasted garlic. Make a paste of cloves after pureeing with oil to smear on chicken or fish before roasting.

Use the black garlic powder in your homemade sausage recipe. The antioxidant energy of fermented black garlic powder is greatly increased when compared to its component material, raw garlic.

You can also use black garlic as the main ingredient. There are lots of recipes where you can use black garlic. Use it into soup, salad, stir fry, noodles and many more recipes.

Black Garlic Health Benefits

Black Garlic is a good source of Vitamin C, Vitamin B 6 and manganese. This helps in boosting the immune system. Apart from boosting the immune system, it also helps with mineral absorption.

Black Garlic will have to eliminate fatigue, improve physical strength, resolve constipation, protect the liver, improve prostate activity, promote sleep and other functions.

We all know how beneficial fermented foods are for our tummy. Black garlic is rich in enzymes and probiotic organisms that keep our intestines healthy and metabolism in top condition. It stimulates the catarrhal membranes of the stomach to generate gastric juices that help digestion.

Fresh and black garlic contains high levels of antioxidants. These compounds prevent free radical damage and slow down the aging process. Compared to garlic, black garlic contains twice the amount of antioxidants. It’s so high in antioxidants, it’s an effective treatment for chronic diseases including cardiovascular, digestive and respiratory diseases. It also protects from circulatory disorders, rheumatoid, arthritis, and Alzheimer’s disease.

Black garlic is rich in antioxidants that kill free radicals in the body. It also helps eliminate heavy metals from the body and detox the liver. Also, the antioxidant properties strengthen the body’s defense mechanism and fight infections.

If you have been taking garlic capsules because you cannot stand fresh garlic’s pungent taste, you’ll love black garlic.

Unlike fresh garlic, black garlic tastes like dried fruit. It has a sweet, smoky taste. It definitely tastes better than fresh garlic. We all know how beneficial fermented foods are for our tummy. Black garlic is rich in enzymes and probiotic organisms that keep our intestines healthy and metabolism in top condition.

Also, eating fresh cloves of garlic causes different flavors. Not a problem with black garlic. You can consume more black garlic and not worry about its olfactory effects.



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