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Garlic Juicer Machine

Garlic Juicer Machine is used to make garlic juice. It is made up of Front seat, hopper, screw shaft, filters, container juice, slag troughs and so on. The left of the screw shaft ...
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Garlic Juicer Machine is used to make garlic juice. It is made up of Front seat, hopper, screw shaft, filters, container juice, slag troughs and so on. The left of the screw shaft is in the rolling bearing, the right is in the handwheel, the motor can work through a pair of pulleys drive the screw shaft. it is widely used for pressing pineapple, apple, pear, mulberry, grapes, oranges, tomatoes, carrots, ginger, garlic, celery, fruit juicer and vegetable juicer. It has the function of crushing, squeezing and slagging function.


Working Principle of Garlic Juicer Machine

  1. The screw shaft is rotated in the clockwise direction along with the dross outlet, bottom diameter is gradually increasing and the pitch is gradually reducing, when the material is into screw shaft, due to the spiral’s room gradually reduced, so as to form the material of the press.
  2. Fruit and vegetable products into the hopper in advance with the pressing screw shaft, the juice is squeezed out through the filter into the bottom of the juice container, then the dross will be discharged by the gap between the screw shaft and Conical portion of the head regulator, the regulator can adjust the head gap size to adjust the resistance of dross, so can change the rate of dross, the size of regulator’s head should be required by the fruit and vegetable products process.
  3. Changing the size of the gap, that is to adjust dross’s resistance, but if the gap is too small, under the strong squeeze, some dross particles and juice will be squeezed together by the filter, although the juice increased, the quality of juice will be reduced, the size of the gap should be user-specific process requirements, so as to achieve the purpose of automatically separating dross and juice.

Specification of Garlic Juicer Machine

Model Capacity Power Size(mm) Weight
RM-JU500 500kg/h 1.5kw 780*320*860 75kg
RM-JU1000 1000kg/h 2.2kw 880*330*900 100kg
RM-JU1500 1500kg/h 4kw 1300*700*1300 260kg
RM-JU2500 2500kg/h 11kw 1530*680*1800 440kg
RM-JU5000 5000kg/h 30kw 2530*944*1870 1300kg


How to Use Garlic Juicer Machine

  1. The machine must be installed horizontally and using the ground screw fixed.
  2. Operation: When the machine is working, should adjust the head to make the maximum gap, then the gab will gradually reduce. When meet the needs, using the detent to fix the handwheel shaft.
  3. Feed must be uniform, non-rigid foreign matter into the hopper, so as not to damage the screen.
  4. Maintenance: After working, we should clean the filter screen. If the fine fibrous filter is more than the juice, should clean the screen one additional, after finishing the press, should clean the whole machine.

Working Video of Garlic Juicer Machine

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