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Commerical Black Garlic Fermenting Machine

Black Garlic Fermenting Machine is used to make black garlic in high efficiency, which is especially useful for making nutritious black garlic on large scale. Due to its sweet and ...
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Black Garlic Fermenting Machine is used to make black garlic in high efficiency, which is especially useful for making nutritious black garlic on large scale. Due to its sweet and sour taste and high nutritional value, it is sold well in the market in recent years. Black garlic machine is a fully automatic anaerobic fermentation equipment, can produce a large number of high-quality black garlic.

Black garlic is a kind of food processed by special technology. Black garlic is the fermented food made by putting the fresh garlic into a fermentation tank for 15-20days, it can keep raw garlic original ingredients, and trace elements content is higher in black garlic, taste sweet and sour, have the good effect of antioxidant, anti-acidification, and preventing cancer. To enhance human immunity, restore body fatigue, maintain human health have a great positive effect, after eating garlic, no hassle, it is the fast-acting health food.

Regarding the Fermenting time, Generally, Black Garlic Fermentation needs 20days of fermentation, the black garlic can eat. But in order to get high-quality black garlic and soft black garlic, we can put black garlic in the storage house for 40days-60days(not all customers require). The Black Garlic Storage house can make the moisture out of black garlic and make it taste soft. Black Garlic House require is clean and sterilized by oxygen.

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Feature of Black Garlic Fermenting Machine

  1. Advanced Wet type and Dry Type Fermentation Process Design, which is suitable for new fresh garlic or old garlic
  2. Quality Control is easy which allow to checking black garlic condition during working.
  3. Fermentation House is total sealed which is bear pressure.
  4. Outside material:1.2 mm wire drawing stainless steel
  5. Built-in material: SUS304 # 1.2 mm mirror stainless steel
  6. Insulation materials: Rigid polyurethane foam + efficient insulation glass wool
  7. Power automatic adjustment function, according to the original curve automatic adjustment function
  8. It can be customized according to customer’s requirements.
  9. Fermentation and baking finish together, saving the cost of investment
  10. LC automatic touch screen control, convenient operation and automatic forming data real-time display

How to Make Black Garlic?

To make high-quality black garlic, there are five consecutive steps to follow.

Garlic Selection and Processing

It is generally necessary to select raw garlic with intact outer skin and full granules for fermentation. And the raw garlic must be tested with 4 heavy metals and 204 agricultural residues. The temperature of the garlic is generally above 5 degrees Celsius. Under such temperature conditions, the garlic is prone to water loss and wilting, and the growth rate of the microorganisms is relatively fast and the life of the storage is shortened. If the fermentation cannot be carried out as soon as possible, the qualified garlic should be stored in cold storage at a temperature of 0 to -1 degrees Celsius and a humidity of 70% to 80%.

Then according to the size of the garlic, the fermentation is divided into different specifications. When soaking and cleaning the raw garlic, it should be washed according to the national standard of water. It is best to use a garlic air bubble washing machine to clean, not to damage the skin of the garlic. The rinsing time is about 1 minute, and the rinsing time is too long. The excessive humidity of the garlic skin is not conducive to fermentation. Soak the garlic, dry the skin’s moisture and ferment.

Medium Temperature Fermentation

The garlic fermentation at this stage was carried out at a medium temperature fermentation for 20 days at a temperature of 50 to 60 ° C and a humidity of 85%. At this time, the garlic has been basically fermented.

Normal Temperature Fermentation

The final fermentation was carried out under fermentation conditions at a temperature of 30 ° C and a humidity of 50% for a period of 60 days. The quality of black garlic at this time has reached international standards.

Finished Product Sterilization and Packaging

Black garlic usually breeds many fungi after 90 days of fermentation and should not be stored and packaged directly. Therefore, we have to sterilize the finished product and then package it into the warehouse.

Working Condition of Black Garlic Fermenting Machine

  1. The analytic accuracy: temperature: plus or minus 0.01 ℃; Humidity: plus or minus 0.1% r.h.
  2. Temperature range: normal temperature ℃ ~ + 90 ℃
  3. Temperature fluctuation degree: plus or minus 0.2 ℃
  4. Temperature uniformity, plus or minus 1.0 ℃
  5. The heating rate: 2 ℃, 4 ℃ / min
  6. Cooling rate: 0.7 ℃ – 1 ℃ / min
  7. Humidity range: 20% ~ 20% r.h.
  8. Humidity volatility: plus or minus 2.0% r.h..
  9. 10, Humidity deviation: plus or minus 2%

How to Install Black Garlic Ferment Making Machine

  1. The installation position of the machine should take into account the heat dissipation efficiency of the machine and easy inspection and maintenance.
  2. The bottom of the machine is a freezing system, which will emit more heat. Therefore, when installing, the distance between the fuselage and the wall and other machines should be at least 60 cm, so that the ventilation is smooth.
  3. Place the unit in a separate space. Do not place it in public places or near flammable, explosive, or perishable chemicals to avoid fire and personal injury in the event of a malfunction.
  4. Do not expose the unit to direct sunlight and maintain indoor air circulation. In addition, the power supply line and drain line should be shortened as much as possible.
  5. Place the machine on a flat floor. Adjust the four horizontal feet on the bottom of the fixed fuselage to make the fuselage flat, to facilitate the inner tank drainage and prevent abnormal noise during machine operation (please check with the spirit level).

How to Storage Black Garlic from Black Garlic Fermentation Machine



Internal Structure of Black Garlic Machine

How to Process Black Garlic Before Packing

FAQ of Black Garlic Machine

How Long for Black Garlic Fermentation Processing

Fresh Garlic put in Black Garlic Machine for 20days can get Black Garlic. After that, we take out and put in the storage house for a long time to get different flavor and taste

What Electricity Consumption for Black Garlic Machine

According to our measuring and test, 1000KG Fresh Garlic to Black Garlic will need 850kw to 1000kw electricity. The black garlic machine has different rated power for the different models. But, during working, only when temperature increase it will reach rated power, when normal working, it only needs to keeps that temperature which not need many electricity.

Does Black Garlic Need to Sterilize

Black Garlic does not need to sterilize. It only requires to keep in the sterilized condition is ok. Like the storage house, we hope it can be clean and oxygen sterilized. The package should be clean and avoid contamination

Specification of Black Garlic Fermenting Machine

Model Box-dimension Dimension Fresh Garlic Black Garlic
mm mm
RM-BGF80 800*600*850 1350*1150*1950 80kg 40kg
RM-BGF155 1000*800*1000 1450*1300*2100 155kg 77.5kg
RM-BGF190 1000*1000*1000 1470*1400*2100 190kg 95kg
RM-BGF380 2000*1000*1000 2600*1400*2100 380kg 190kg
RM-BGF500 2000*1000*3000 2700*1300*3500 500kg 260kg
RM-BGF1000 2000*2000*3000 2700*2300*3500 1000kg 500kg
RM-BGF2000 2300*2200*3500 3000*2500*4000 2000kg 1000kg
RM-BGF3000 3000*2000*4000 3700*2300*4500 3000kg 1500kg
RM-BGF4000 4000*2000*3700 4700*2300*4200 4000kg 2000kg
RM-BGF5000 4000*2000*4500 4700*2300*5000 5000kg 2500kg
RM-BGF6000 4000*2200*4800 4700*2500*5300 6000kg 3000kg
RM-BGF7000 4300*2000*5500 5000*2500*6000 7000kg 3500kg
RM-BGF8000 4300*2200*5500 5000*2500*6000 8000kg 4000kg
RM-BGF9000 4800*2500*5000 5500*2800*5500 9000kg 4500kg
RM-BGF10000 5000*2500*5300 5700*2800*5800 10000kg 5000kg
RM-BGF11000 5000*2500*5800 5700*2800*6300 11000kg 5500kg
RM-BGF12000 5000*2500*6240 5700*2800*6740 12000kg 6000kg

Component Introduction

Item Name Description Origin
1 External Material SUS304 Stainless Steel USA
2 Internal Material SUS304 Mirror Type Stainless Steel

Or SUS316 Type(high quality type)

3 Controller TEMI880 Korea
4 Compressor TECUMSEH France
5 Condensor ZHONGLI Taiwan
6 Oil Gas Separator ALCO USA
7 Dryer Filter Danfoss Denmark
8 Expansion Valve Danfoss Denmark
9 Solenoid Valve SAGINOMIYA Japan
10 Evaporator Zhongli Taiwan
11 Freezing Medium 404A USA
12 Heating Tube FEIYANG Taiwan
13 Pump TIY Taiwan
14 Glass Door PEIXIN Taiwan
15 Lighting Lamp OSRAM German
16 Relay Omron Japan
17 Insulation Material Polyurethane Foam Taiwan

Working Video of Black Garlic Fermenting Machine

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