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Semi-Automatic Garlic Powder Production Line

Semi-Automatic Garlic Powder Production Line including Garlic Clove Separating Machine, Garlic Peeling Machine, Garlic Slicing Machine, Garlic Drying Machine, Garlic Powder Grinde ...
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Semi-Automatic Garlic Powder Production Line including Garlic Clove Separating Machine, Garlic Peeling Machine, Garlic Slicing Machine, Garlic Drying Machine, Garlic Powder Grinder Machine and Garlic Powder Packing Machine.

1. Garlic Clove Separating Machine



The garlic breaking separating machine is designed to separate the garlic bulbs into garlic cloves. It is equipped with standard rubber rollers, so the machine won’t damage the garlic during the garlic bulb separation process. The gaps between the rollers can be adjusted to suit the garlic with different sizes and There is a blower equipped inside the machine which can blow some garlic skin away while operating. The Garlic Clove Separating Machine is easy to operate and one person is enough to complete the whole separation process. With high productivity and high separating rate, the Garlic Clove Separating machine has been very popular in the farms, restaurants, hotels and other garlic processing industries.

Working Video of Garlic Clove Separating Machine

2. Garlic Peeling Machine


Stainless Steel Garlic Peeling Machine is used for peeling garlic which adopts the pneumatic principle. It can automatically peel the shell of the garlic clove without soaking and meanwhile there is no damage to the garlic at all. The peeling rate can reach 95%. This machine is suitable for dry garlic peeling processing, no need for water. Stainless Steel Garlic Peeling Machine is widely used in restaurant, hotel, vegetable processing plant, condiment factories, large wholesale vegetable market, etc.


Features of Stainless Steel Garlic Peeling Machine

  1. Adopts special pneumatic principle, no need for water and free from pollution.
  2. The automatic digital control system and automatic feeding device, the shell and the garlic clove can separate automatically without any damage.
  3. High peeling rate and low malfunction rate.
  4. Stable performance, easy operation and maintenance.
  5. Suitable for a complete production line or working dependently.


Working Video of Stainless Steel Garlic Clove Peeling Machine

3. Garlic Slicing Machine


Automatic Small Garlic Slice Cutting Machine is used to cut garlic into long strip slice. It can get smooth surface garlic slice.  You can get different cutting sizes by changing the cutting blades. The cutting thickness for the slice is 1-3mm. This garlic slicing machine can also be used for bamboo shoot, potato, small mushroom, garlic, radishes, potatoes, sweet potatoes, lotus roots, taro, etc.  This automatic garlic slicing machine adopts high-quality stainless steel made and it is easy to operate and convenient to clean, now it is widely used in different kinds of food processing industries.

Working Video of Small Garlic Slicing Machine

4. Garlic Drying Machine


Electric Heating Garlic Dry Oven is a special design for drying garlic with an electric heating pipe. Electric heating dryer oven has a feature of no pollution on working shop air and easy to operate. The electric heating dry oven has an automatic control system for the oven temperature. The sensor will reflect the temperature in the oven to the control system. When the temperature reaches the set temperature, the heating pipe will stop to work. In this way, we can save a lot of electricity



Working Video of Batch Type Garlic Slice Dryer Oven

5. Garlic Powder Grinder Machine


Water Cooling Type Stainless Steel Garlic Powder Grinder Machine is made of high-quality stainless steel, with turbo crushing design. It is suitable for garlic powder, onion powder, banana flour powder, pepper powder, herbs powder grinding processing. The fineness can get from 10 to 120 meshes

Advantage Features of Garlic Powder Crushing Machine

  • The grinding chamber assembly and disassembly simple and easy to clean.
  • This is an all 304 stainless steel, in line with the requirements of GMP.
  • Work smoothly with low noise and small vibration
  • Replacing the screen can control the particle size/mesh.
  • Water cooling & turbo crushing system equipped

Working Video of Dehydrated Garlic Slice Powder Grinder Machine

6. Garlic Powder Packing Machine


Garlic Powder Packing Machine adopts the most advanced micro-computer chip control, with the photoelectric eye tracking and detection, accurate sealing and cutting two packets option fitted coder and folders gas or inflatable device. The machine to adapt to the kinds of powder, such as lotus root starch, sesame paste, soy milk powder, powder automatic packaging materials.

Specification of Garlic Powder Packing Machine

  • Packing speed: 40-80bags/min
  • Bag length: 30-180mm
  • Bag width: 25-145mm(need to replace bag making device and vertical closure mold)
  • Packing volume:100-500g per bag
  • Power: 1.2KW
  • Weight: 300kg
  • Dimensions: 650*850*1650mm
  • Packing way: back sealing

Working Video of Small Bag Garlic Powder Packing Machine

Company Profile

Romiter Machinery Co., Ltd. is a market-leading designer and a manufacturer of Garlic Processing Machine with 10 years’ experience. In the past 10 years, we focused on researching and designing the machinery which could process the garlic into different types. Romiter Garlic Processing Machine meat Europe Quality Requirement. with CE Certification

Romiter Group provides a complete Garlic Processing Solution, which includes Garlic Peeling MachineGarlic Clove Separating MachineGarlic Seed Separating and Grader MachineGarlic Cleaning MachineGarlic Concave Cutting MachineGarlic Juicer Extractor MachineGarlic Mesh Bag Packing MachineGarlic Mesh Bag Clipping MachineGarlic Powder Production Line, Black Garlic Fermenting Machine, Garlic Weighting Packing MachineGarlic Grader MachineGarlic Root and Leaf Cutter Machine and Garlic Harvester Machine

Romiter Group can provide customized products for customers. Welcome to contact us for more information.


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