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Automatic Tunnel Type Garlic Powder Microwave Sterilizer

Automatic Garlic Powder Microwave Sterilizer Machine is used to dry and sterilize garlic powder and garlic slice flakes. This Tunnel Type Garlic Powder Microwave Sterilizer Machin ...
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Automatic Garlic Powder Microwave Sterilizer Machine is used to dry and sterilize garlic powder and garlic slice flakes. This Tunnel Type Garlic Powder Microwave Sterilizer Machine is also used for teas, herbs, flowers, green leaves, such as wild chrysanthemum flower, broadleaf holly leaf, olive leaf, lotus leaf, honeysuckle, green tea, black tea, puer tea and so on.  Tunnel Type Garlic Slice Microwave Sterilizer adopts Low-temperature sterilization processes in which the temperature is between 55~75 °C and keeps the original nutrition, color and taste.


Working Principle of Garlic Powder Microwave Sterilizer

The Microwave Sterilization is the result of the role of the microwave thermal effects and biological effects. Affect the membrane around the electron and ion concentration microwave distribution of the cross-section of potential bacterial membrane permeability of the cell membrane, thus changing the energy, bacteria, therefore malnutrition can not be normal metabolism, growth and development hampered by death. From a biochemical perspective, the normal growth and reproduction of bacteria nucleic acid (RNA) and deoxyribonucleic acid (DNA) is closely connected to the curl macromolecules by the number of hydrogen bonds, microwave cause hydrogen bonds the slack, breaking and reorganization, and induce genetic gene or chromosomal aberrations, or even broken. Microwave Sterilization is the use of the electromagnetic field effects and biological effects play a role in the killing of microorganisms. The practice has proved that using microwave devices to maintain the sterilization temperature, sterilization time, product quality, product shelf-life and energy-saving aspects have a clear advantage.

Features of Garlic Microwave Sterilization Machine

  1. Tunnel-type Microwave Sterilization is made of high-quality 304# stainless steel. Fully meet with medicine machinery requirements.
  2. Low-temperature drying and sterilization, which can keep original flavor and good color sense.
  3. Penetration: Tunnel-type Microwave Sterilization adopts radiation way to transfer energy and it heats wholly without any medium.
  4. Heating evenly: microwave heating is in and outside of the material at the same time, the temperature difference is very small in and outside of the material. So it is more evenly when drying materials, and the heating efficiency is greatly increased.
  5. Quickly and saving energy.

Structure of Garlic Powder Microwave Sterilizer

Specification of Automatic Garlic Powder Microwave Sterilizer

ModelPowerApparent PowerWater VaporizeTemperature ControlDrying Temperature

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Romiter Machinery Co., Ltd. is a market-leading designer and a manufacturer of Garlic Processing Machine with 10 years’ experience. In the past 10 years, we focused on researching and designing the machinery which could process the garlic into different types. Romiter Garlic Processing Machine meat Europe Quality Requirement. with CE Certification

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Romiter Group can provide customized products for customers. Welcome to contact us for more information.


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