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How to Peel Garlic in Garlic Processing Factory


Garlic is an essential material for cooking, it is delicious and good for our health. The most common way we peel garlic is by hand peeling or by a knife to smash it. But these ways are not suitable for the processing line. Because it peels garlic very slow or damages the garlic clove. So how we can peel the garlic more quickly and keep the garlic without damage. Here is Romiter Machinery garlic processing line introduction.

the machine for garlic peeling includes the garlic separating machine and garlic peeling machine. It can separate the garlic into garlic clove first, then remove the skin out of the garlic clove. It is a new garlic processing machine. These Machine Touch Parts adopt stainless steel, which is very clean and healthy. Garlic Peeling Machine needs to match with the air compressor to work. This garlic processing production line is made of elevating machine, garlic clove separating machine, selection line, elevator machine, garlic peeling machine, After garlic peeling, we can equip garlic slicing machine, garlic dicing machine, garlic bubble cleaning machine, garlic air drying machine, garlic powder grinder and so on. This equipment has a high processing speed and saves labor. There is no damage to the garlic and is of high peeling rate of 99%, suitable for large–scale production and processing. Adopting advanced technology and high garlic yield, it is currently the most ideal equipment for garlic processing.

How Does Garlic Peeling Plant Work

The working process is simple: First, the elevator is used to send the garlic into the separating machine. Then the garlic separating machine can be used to separating the garlic into the single one. The separated garlic will be sent to the peeling machine according to the conveyor. The machine can peel the garlic automatically. The garlic peeling machine uses air automatic peeling, automatic separation of skin and garlic cloves, peeling clean and damage-free. You can collect the garlic after peeling at the end of the garlic production line.

Working Video of Garlic Peeling Machine

The garlic breaking machine uses a silica gel plate and the upper plate taper interval of flexible silicone extrusion rubbing, simulation of manual valve principle. The flat plate and the silica gel silica gel taper disc space with pressure buffering function, can not damage the garlic but also has the best split, the split rate can reach more than 95%.

And the machine for garlic peeling has a high capacity of 200-2000kg/h, adopts pneumatic principle uses the air pressure to peel the garlic, with full automatic digital control, dry method peeling. pneumatic principle, skin and clove separated automatically without injury. The Peeling rate as high as 98%.

The whole garlic separating and peeling plant is easy to operate, one person can control a machine, really saves the manpower. We also have other garlic process machine such as a garlic paste machine and garlic cutting machine for your choice. Any questions, just contact me freely.

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Romiter Machinery Co., Ltd. is a market-leading designer and a manufacturer of Garlic Processing Machine with 10 years’ experience. In the past 10 years, we focused on researching and designing the machinery which could process the garlic into different types. Romiter Garlic Processing Machine meat Europe Quality Requirement. with CE Certification

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