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Amazing benefits of Garlic for Acne and skin care


Everyone much or less knows about the medicinal virtues of garlic. The rule of garlic, you can keep the heart healthy; can reduce over weight and more benefits. Do you know the benefits of eating garlic for skin ? There are Amazing benefits of Garlic for Acne and skin care. Garlic used in skin care and acne! Surly surprised! Yes, Garlic can remove the explicit acne and acne scarring. You will get help about how to get rid of acne scars. Now I will introduce you to the use of garlic.

garlic good for health
Some person asked that, is eating garlic good for health? Yes Garlic is good for health. By using and eating garlic you will get amazing benefits.

To prevent the impression of age
Take four or five garlic and sliced it, then paste it. Now mix one tablespoon of Sour curd. You paste is ready to use. Now clean your skin and face nicely and smear this paste into your whole skin and mouth. After 15 minutes, rinse out your skin and face with cold water. Also help for garlic heart health

Garlic anti-oxidant and anti-bacterial material will prevent the skin ages impression. And sour curd will save your skin from moisture

To remove Whitehead and Blackheads

Take two or three garlic and sliced it, then paste it. Now mix well with a teaspoon of oatmeal, two or three drops of oil from the tree and half a teaspoon of lemon juice. Now apply this paste into your wet face. Wait 15 minutes. When your face will be dry, wash your face with cold water. Garlic removes the opinionated Whitehead and Blackheads.

To get rid of acne
Everyone want to know, does garlic help with acne?. Yes its can help, also garlic acne treatment. Take two or three garlic and take the juice from garlic. Mix one cup of warm water with the juice of garlic. Take a cotton ball and soaked in the mixed garlic juice. Then rub the acne with the ball. Once dry, rinse with the water. Garlic has anti-acne which is help to quick remove the acne. garlic and pimples

To eliminating the Stretch Mark
Oil massage to get rid of stretch marks is a good treatment. To do this first heat the oil with the chopped garlic. Massage and apply this oil into stretch. For this treatment, garlic oil can be used instead of the garlic juice. You can keep garlic in your every day food chart. Garlic Alasin and sulfur increases the flexibility of the skin and helps to remove stretch marks.


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