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How to Process American Garlic & Garlic

Romiter Machinery has many customer from America for Garlic Processing Machine, like garlic peeling machine, garlic slicing machine, garlic separating machine etc.  This is one good market for garlic and onion processing business.  Here let us see how we process garlic and how to process onion in America


I. American Garlic and Onion Introduction

America is one of the largest garlic and onions producing countries in the world. And California is American top producer of garlic and onions. As the largest producing state in the U.S. of garlic and onions, producing over 90% of commercial garlic.
1. California is the major garlic producing state, due to California’s unique climate and fertile soil contributing to consistent yield and quality. Garlic in California is harvested between late June and mid-August and can be stored for eight to nine month in a cool, dry place with plenty of circulation. Garlic can be consumed not only as fresh vegetable but also as the condiment in various food preparations like curries powders, sauce, salad dressings, meat sausages, etc.
2. The onion industry represents one of highest-valued vegetables produced in the United States. Onions generally include two marketable categories: spring/summer fresh market onions and fall/winter storage onions. The most common onions are storage onion in the U.S.. And California is the major onion producer, accounting for a large percentage of onion production in the United States.


II. Garlic and Onion Processing Market in the USA

1. Garlic Processing Market

  • In U.S., the consumption of raw garlic is low, and few raw garlic are utilized in seafood and salad eating. Garlic are often used as flavor in the cooking, flavored soup in fast food, garlic powder added in food.
  • Garlic deep processing products in America consist of: garlic powder, fried garlic flakes, garlic juice, garlic oil, garlic essence capsule and so on. These processing products have extensive market prospect in fined chemical industry, medical and health industry, flavoring industry, food & feed additive industry and etc.. The garlic powder is processed from garlic slices. The main dehydration way of garlic powder is hot air drying in the U.S., because drying temperature & time are controllable by hot air drying.
  • There is strong garlic culture in the USA, and every year Gilroy in CA-the famous hometown of garlic will hold the garlic festival, which is the town’s signature event and draws more than 100,000 visitor annually. The festival features a wide variety of garlic-infused foods to show people all over the world various deep-processed garlic products. The unique garlic culture in U.S. guides people to form good garlic consumption, promote the prosperity of garlic consumer market. Thus garlic processing industry will get the further development.

2. Onion Processing Market

Onions in U.S. are generally processed into crispy onions and onion oil.
♦ No limits to the application of crispy onions in America. Crispy onions can be regarded as a delicious ingredient in like onion bread, they can be used in sauces, soups, with meat and as a snack. They also make a tasty topping for salads, pizzas, hot dogs, hamburgers, mashed potato, pasta and egg dishes.
♦ Onion oil is extracted from onions through steam distillation. Onion oil in America is supplied worldwide to flavoring agent and foodstuff industries.

III. Deep-processed Garlic Products

1. Dried Garlic Flake Production

Dehydrated garlic accounts for roughly 75% of U.S. garlic consumption. The dehydrated garlic flakes have excellent flavor & taste and high nutritional value, highly in demand for their best quality in market. The major processing steps of dried garlic flakes are as follows:
Choosing materials→garlic separating→garlic peeling→garlic washing→garlic slicing→garlic washing→garlic slice dehydration→garlic slice drying→garlic slice packing
1.1 Raw materials: Choose mature and unbroken garlic with no mildew.
1.2 Garlic separating
Break the garlic bulbs into separated cloves. Put garlic into garlic separating machine. When the whole garlic passes between rubber rollers of garlic separating machine, garlic bulbs are automatically separated into cloves.
1.3 Garlic peeling
Peel garlic cloves by garlic peeling machine. Adopting pneumatic principle, garlic peeling machine will peel garlic cloves without water with peeling rate of 95%.
1.4 Garlic washing
Wash garlic cloves with garlic washing machine to remove off foreign materials.
1.5 Garlic slicing
Cut the clean garlic cloves into flakes by garlic slicer machine. Clean garlic cloves are uniformly sliced to 1.5-2.2mm. The surface of garlic slice is smooth without damage.
1.6 Garlic washing
Wash garlic flakes by the washing machine until garlic flakes become clean.
1.7 Garlic flake dehydration
Remove the surface water of garlic flakes through the high speed rotation by vegetable centrifugal dewatering machine. The dehydration period generally is around one minute. Notice: too long dehydration period will make garlic slices soft and form protruding vesicles on the flake surface, which has bad influence on product quality.
1.8 Garlic drying
Spread garlic flakes uniformly on the drying tray, then push these flakes into hot air drying oven. The drying temperature is set between 65~70℃, and drying period is around 6.5-7 hours. After drying, the water content of final garlic flakes is around 5%~6%.
1.9 Packing
The final garlic products can be packed by vacuum package machine for long period storage.

2. Garlic Powder

Garlic powder is a very common seasoning in U.S., mainly used for pasta, pizza, grilled chicken and etc.. It is further processed on the basis of dried garlic flakes. In other words, if you would like to make garlic powder, you need do the above 1-8 steps to make dried garlic flakes. Then use garlic mashed making machine to make mashed garlic. Thus, you can get high quality garlic powder.

3. Garlic Oil Making


Rich in antioxidants and other healthy nutrients, garlic oil is a fresh and flavorful ingredient to add to the food and cooking oil. It is important to point out that garlic oil is constituted more of vegetable oils.
Garlic essential oil is produced when fresh garlic is crushed and subjected to steam distillation. The production procedures include:
Garlic separating→garlic peeling→garlic washing→garlic mashing with adding water→fermentation→steam distillation→oil and water separation→refining→packing

IV. Onion Processed Products

1. Crispy Onion Processing


Working process of Crispy onions:
Onion root cutting→onion peeling→onion cutting→washing→dehydration→frying→deoiling→flavoring→packing.

Crispy onion production line mainly includes the following equipment:

1.1 Onion root cutting machine for cutting onion tops and tails cleanly one time without damage.
1.2 Onion peeler machine is for automatically removing the peels of onion.
1.3 Onion cutting machine is to cut onions into fine slices.
1.4 Water bubble washing machine is used to wash onion slices.
1.5 Air dehydration machine for drying onion slices.
1.6 Onion fryer machine is for frying dried onion slices and there are different types of fryer machines.
1.7 Fried onion deoiling machine is used to remove extra oil.
1.8 Seasoning Machine for seasoning fried onions with flavor to achieve better taste.
1.9 Automatic packing machine for weighing, filling crispy onions and injecting nitrogen automatically.

2. Onion Oil Processing

Onion oil is extracted from onions through steam distillation. This highly concentrated ethereal oil contains all the typical onion taste components. Onion oil technological process:
Fresh onions-cleaning/rinsing-onion slicing-onion freezing-oil extraction-finished oil product
Please notice that in large scale garlic or onions processing, the weigh sorter is generally utilized to classify garlic by weight. It is designed for small or medium sized products with several elements re-engineered for garlic processing, can also be used for onions, stone fruits, apples, citrus fruits and other round fruit and vegetables.


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